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  • Promise me Dad : a year of hope, hardship, and purpose

    For me, reading this heartfelt book about the former Vice President's relationship with his son Beau who died at a relatively young age of brain cancer was like I was living in the midst of their ...

  • Junie B. Jones [#7]: Junie B. Jones loves handsome Warren

    My daughter really enjoyed this book and most Junie B Jones collection.

  • Until we meet again

    I read this book and one day! I could not put it down! Such a well thought out storyline that tugs at the heartstrings a little bit, but will leave feeling very satisfied at the end.

  • Muerta de envidia

    El prototipo suele ser una chica de veintimuchos o treinta y pocos con escasa confianza en sí misma, con un puesto de trabajo normal que tampoco suele ser una gran cosa pero siempre suelen ser ...

  • The beautiful mystery

    Beautifully written is this intricate story of life in a Canadian monastery with 24 monks living silently day in and day out till something unimaginable happens that brings the hallmark of their ...

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